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Do you remember how you learned maths at school? When I was at school, it was even used as a punishment! We need to be confident not just in what we are teaching, but how our pupils are accessing the learning.

Maths for Mastery is a transformational approach to maths teaching, that stems from high performing nations like Singapore.

About this Course

For those not overly confident in maths, this new approach was a real breakthrough in supporting the way we deliver the learning to our pupils.  

It will help develop your confidence in how to deliver the key concepts. Encouraging children to believe in what they 'Can do' rather than what they 'Can't do' is key.

When taught to master maths, children develop mathematical fluency without resorting to rote learning. They are able to solve non-routine maths problems without memorising procedures.

Course Content

This session is full of practical ideas & interactive activities that you can really take back to the classroom.

You will gain an understanding of where this approach originated from & why it was a necessary step forward in the way our pupils learn maths.

We will look at how & why students are given time to think deeply about their maths.

How they can build their own self confidence & believe that they 'Can do it'

You'll see how effective it is to present children with achievable challenges as differentiation is through depth rather than acceleration.

Follow Up

Q & A available after the session

Opportunity to  connect with others working within the same field as you, to share good practice & experience or just keep in touch

You'll receive course notes, activities & certificate after the session

If you are looking for supply work, I can put you in touch with some excellent Education Consultants around the UK

"Thank you so much for all the useful information & materials & for organising and running the session on Wednesday. Your enthusiasm and helpfulness are much appreciated."            

                                          Sue R

Course Booking Details

Audience - Ideal training for TAs, HTLA's, over seas staff & Cover Supervisors

 Venue - Remote live training via Zoom

Duration - 2 hrs

Cost - £25

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