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As a former classroom teacher, I know that challenging behaviour can really impact on your day. But why do children misbehave in the first place? It's important that we take the time & patience to get to the root of it. This is high priority & staff need support.

But always remember, no matter how many buttons your pupils may have pressed that day, you may have been a key factor in making a child's day fantastic.

About this Course

There is no doubt that poor behaviour can cause significant disruption in a class & can result in stress & anxiety for those left dealing with it.

If you are on daily supply, you may have limited knowledge about the pupils you're teaching.

It's essential to have a toolkit of strategies ready to deal with situations that may arise.

Also, sharing good practice & experiences can really help mentally, to show you're not alone.

Course Content

We will focus on the importance of adopting a consistent approach through following a schools behaviour policy


We will look at a range of strategies (verbal & non-verbal) targeted at developing your skills & confidence when faced with challenging behaviours.

De-escalation before a child goes into crisis is a major aspect of this.

Through interactive activities, looking at why children mis-behave & analysis of Dr Bill Rogers work you will be much more prepared, confident & empowered when back in classroom

Follow Up

Q & A available after the session

Opportunity to  connect with others working within the same field as you, to share good practice & experience or just keep in touch

You'll receive course notes, activities & certificate after the session

If you are looking for supply work, I can put you in touch with some excellent Education Consultants around the UK

"Thank you Kate, it was such a helpful and inspiring course, I normally struggle with discipline in class so I really believe that after this lecture things can get better!"


Course Booking Details

Audience - Suitable for anyone at any stage of your career, developing skills or just needing a refresher

Venue - Remote live training via Zoom

Duration - 2 hrs

Cost - £25

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