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Research has shown, the more resilient our pupils are, the more they feel a greater sense of control over their own destinies & therefore

more prepared for life.

They will have a much better chance at achieving their

academic & personal goals.

As Educators, we have a key role to play in this journey

About this Course

Building resilience in children has never been more important.

Through my own experience as a teacher, I am aware that we often feel a time constraint when working with children.

If they begin to struggle, we naturally want to help because we care. However, in the long run they will begin to rely on us too much.

Knowing when to drip feed support away is key to helping them to become more independent learners.

Course Content

We will focus on how we can be more effective in the classroom & play a major role in building resilience.

 We will guide you through the theory & strategies needed to support them whilst building their resilience. 

We will reference -

Bloom's Taxonomy

Metacognitive Learning Strategies

The Learning Pit & the importance of consistency

Skilled questioning strategies

Your role in the classroom is so valued.

Top tips/Toolkit to take back to the classroom to make a greater impact

Follow Up

Q & A available after the session

Opportunity to  connect with others working within the same field as you, to share good practice & experience or just keep in touch

You'll receive course notes, activities & certificate after the session

If you are looking for supply work, I can put you in touch with some excellent Education Consultants around the UK

"Lovely presentation once again from Kate. I have gained much more confidence since attending this course & have a greater impact in the classroom. It also inspired me to keep on learning"

                                                                     Alison L  - KS2 Primary Teacher

Course Booking Details

Audience - Ideal training for TAs, HTLA's, over seas staff & Cover Supervisors

 Venue - Remote live training via Zoom

Duration - 2 hrs

Cost - £25

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