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The Journey

Our World is a brighter place with the happiness of children

The greatest asset we can ever give our children.... is us

As a young NQT eager to get into the classroom, I was so fortunate to land my first teaching role at a re-known South Leicestershire Primary School.

My teaching style: Focus on what they 'can do' build self-esteem & resilience, listen to them & give them a voice.

With this positive approach to children's learning I noticed that before long, their confidence to tackle the tasks they couldn't do grew, often with exceptional results.Although my heart always remained in the classroom, it wasn't long before I started moving into more Senior roles as I was keen to impact on whole school development.

Passionate about getting the right learning to children when they are younger, I went on to become Head of Key Stage 1 & Literacy with a special interest in how phonics was taught.

Always the creative at heart I often took learning away from the desk & into the hall as children re-enacted key periods in history/literacy texts through dance/drama/music. Not only did we cover the curriculum, but it also gave children who may have struggled in the classroom, the opportunity to shine through the arts. Recognising & nurturing children's talents in this way was so rewarding & boosted their confidence back in the classroom too.

I went onto become Advanced skills teacher of performing arts working alongside my incredibly talented Deputy Head leading the way in performing arts within our Family of Schools.

The turning point in my career after attending various seminars run by the incredibly inspirational Dr Bill Rogers. His simple yet effective strategies changed the way we managed behaviour back in the classroom & I became behavioural lead for the school. Behaviour is a form of communication & as we know, children show distressed behaviours  for a reason. If we can adopt a puzzle solving culture & get to the root of it, we can work together to find ways to de-escalate a situation & support the child in managing their own emotions. I later developed an interest & connection with Team Teach, award-winning 'positive handling' training which helps staff to understand where behaviours are coming from & support pupils to start regulating emotions themselves

My departure from the classroom was a difficult decision but after enrolling onto a volunteer teaching program, supporting children & communities on the many Islands of Fiji I knew it was time to take a new direction in education.

After re-locating to London I landed my dream role, Head of CPD, training & up-skilling teachers/support staff through the registered with the agency. Personal classroom/education/life experience is part of all my training which makes it authentic & relatable

Following the announcement of the global pandemic in March 2020, I needed to quickly adapt & learn new skills myself. In order to continue to deliver the high quality of training that our candidates had become used too, I turned to my computer & began training remotely. I'm sure most of us will agree, it will never replace face to face but now life has become so demanding again, after a busy day in the classroom, to access learning in the comfort of your own home certainly has its benefits.

During the lockdowns, over 1500 staff connected with us through remote training!


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