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Award winning accredited positive handling training 

that will equip staff with simple & effective de-escalation strategies & basic positive handling techniques to deal with challenging behaviour & encourage positive relationships in the working environment. 


Course Costs

Please note if your setting is located in one of the following areas:

Leicestershire, Luton, London Boroughs of Croydon & Hounslow;

I can offer you a 35% discount on Team Teach Prices 

(please do enquire)

Level 1(6hrs)    

Level 2 (12 hrs) 

Open Level 1 or 2 course


Course Information

Positive Behaviour Management - Level 1 (6 hrs)

This 6 hr course is aimed at those working in a LOW RISK environment;  Primary & Secondary Mainstream settings from Early Years - post 16. It's also ideal for supply agencies to up-skill their staff in preparation for the classroom

Course Content:

  •  Background to Team-Teach

  •  The Legal Framework

  •  Understanding Aggression

  •  How Feelings Drive Behaviours

  •  De-escalation and Defusion

  •  Personal Safety

  •  Positive Handling (mainly guiding and escorting safety - if a great degree of holding is required the Level 2 course may be more suitable)

  • Repair, Reflection and Review 

Open Course - Level 1 - 6hrs

It's understandable that during the year, you may employ new staff to your setting or even offer the training to; Parent Helpers, Sports Coaches, Nannies etc . 

Ideal when you just a few members of staff tom train up.

Positive Behaviour Management - Level 2 (12 hrs) 

This 12hr training is designed for individuals operating in a medium risk environment. Particularly aimed at those working with individuals whose behaviour foreseeably poses a risk to themselves or to others. Special schools, Pupil Referral Units, Mainstream schools with high SEN provision & Health & social care settings

Course Content

  • Background to Team-Teach

  • The Legal Framework

  • Understanding Aggression

  • How Feelings Drive Behaviours

  • De-escalation and Defusion

  • Personal Safety

  • Positive Handling(This section includes guiding, escorting and holding in standing, sitting and kneeing positions safety - techniques will be delivered appropriate to the service group)

  • Repair, Reflection and Review 

Complete the contact form for more information, & we can schedule a telephone conversation & initial visit to provide bespoke training for the specific needs of your setting

Understanding Behaviour That May Challenge - 2hr Remote Learning

Team Teach is a whole school approach. The more we understand what drives our children's behaviour the better equipped we will be to manage it. Many staff in school are with the children at some of the most challenging times of the day; lunch, break, after & before school; but rarely receive training on how to manage behaviour (lunchtime supervisors, TA's, before & after school carers, parent helpers, taxi drivers, premises officers)

This 2 hr remote session (to be held at a convenient time for your staff)will help those who haven't been able to access the full 6 or 12 hr training, to understand children's behaviour & therefore be able to manage it more effectively & promote a whole school approach.

Request more information 

"The training was so interesting & really gave me an insight into some of the difficulties I may encounter as a TA in a school setting. I am so much more confident about strategies that I can use that will work"


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