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Life is a Journey, only you hold the key...

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Just under 5 yrs. ago, I resigned from my teaching role of 25 yrs, checked in with the most important things in my life, my 3 children & with their blessing, made the decision to go. Knowing that loved ones were always there, I had no fear & grabbed every opportunity to write myself a new life story.

It took me to the other side of the world; Australia, New Zealand, Bali places I had only dreamed of & most memorable of all, Fiji. Initially, a little anxious wondering whether I was possibly too old to be volunteering on Fiji's tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean...... but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had knowledge on my side & was able to share my years of knowledge through voluntary teaching in their schools & working with the wonderful communities on environmental projects. Experiencing true island life with the humblest of people was so grounding, totally liberating & changed my perspective on so many aspects of life.

Away from the blue oceans & lush green vegetation my return to the UK initially felt grey. After spending a week back in my hometown with loved ones, I packed a bag & headed off to London, a city I had always had a yearning for when I was 22. Now 52, no job lined up just bright-eyed anticipation of what was in store next.

Education was my go-to, so on the National Express coach down to London I signed up with an Educational Recruitment Agency, set myself up in an AIRBNB & began living & working in one of the world's greatest cities. Along with supply teaching I tried my hand in the movies (enrolled as an extra on TV & film sets. If you look very closely, you might see me on episode 5 of Killing Eve!!) & began discovering new gems in our capital city. When friends & family came to stay, I was no longer the tourist!

Whilst in Fiji it became apparent to me, not only did I love teaching the

child​ren but also training the staff. After 6 months of supply work, I landed my dream role, Head of CPD, training teachers/support staff through the agency. Though I was leaving the classroom I was still able to directly impact on children's education through up-skilling the staff. It is now with much excitement, determination & passion that through 'Bellavia Training & Consultancy' I can continue of my own personal & educational journey.

“Stepping away from comfort zones can be daunting but longer term, can open doors that you never imagined possible. If you ever think it's too late in life to make a change, think again. Believe & trust & be present in every moment of your journey, the outcome is likely to be amazing"

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